Golf & English.

Learn and hit the perfect drive!

In recent decades, golf courses have developed into places where people love to do business. No wonder that this sport lends itself perfectly to relaxed communication and learning.

With a view to combining pleasure and practical learning, we have got together with international partner golf clubs and hotels and customised various special packages.

These packages can be individually adapted in terms of time and content. In addition, we can offer both small-group and one-to-one packages.

As always, it is your choice: in any event, our language professionals will make sure that your language handicap gets up to scratch in the shortest time!

Example package 'Ireland/Dublin – Golf and English'

Irish College of English

  • Accommodation: Hotel or host family in Dublin
  • English: One-to-one, 2 hours per day
  • Golf: in vicinity of Dublin
  • Price: 1 week from € 1,400

Example package 'England – One-to-One & Golf Pro'

  • Accommodation: Golf hotel in the Midlands of England
  • English: Intensive one-to-one 2 or 3 hours and conversation
  • Golf: Golf with language trainer / playing partner / Pro-training
  • Price: 1 week from € 2,150

Courses abroad do not attract domestic VAT.