abc relocation services.

Help your employees from abroad feel at home.

Management and specialist staff from abroad are becoming ever more commonplace in German companies. If you would like to secure workers from abroad, abc relocation services can help you find convincing reasons for a move to Germany.

Finding a place to live, dealing with administrative bodies, leisure activities, taking care of the children, language training and cultural awareness to mention just a few aspects - we provide a complete package to ensure that your newcomers feel at home straight away.

As a result, your new employees can get straight down to the business of doing their job for you - without having to waste energy on bureaucratic, organisational tasks.

A guide to what we offer


We arrange for collection from the station or the airport, give a quick tour of the immediate area to help the employee to find their bearings and give them important regional and local information; this could be anything from the local pharmacy, doctors, local authorities and official buildings to the supply of important basic needs. We arrange initial accommodation in a hotel, guest house or holiday home and organise a hire car.

The move

We are also glad to help your employee find a suitable place to live and arrange the rental agreement. We will not only consider proximity of the workplace, but also important family issues such as nurseries and schools, as well as possible visits to schools that children may attend in the future.


Even before your employee sets off, you can entrust us with the resolution of local authority procedures and formalities. We will deal promptly with all the necessary applications and also take care of your member of staff after their arrival in all matters relating to immigration, employment agencies, health insurance offices and so on.

Leisure time

People have to feel at home socially if they are to feel comfortable in their new job. We make sure, for example, that people can continue to enjoy their usual sporting and cultural activities in their new place of residence.


We provide competent contact partners ('scouts') for you and your employees, all of whom are native speakers or English speakers. Apart from language skills, they also bring with them lots of organisational skills and improvisation abilities. Armed with our language courses and intercultural training, we aim to give your employees a smooth transition into their new life.

Personalised ‘care-free packages’

We are more than pleased to put together customised packages that exactly match the needs of your company and your new staff member. We are extremely flexible in this respect and take joy in every new and unusual challenge!